DO NOT RESPOND to FAKE HACKED EMAIL from Dr. Daljit Sawhney Email

Saadh Sangat Ji,

Email Id of Dr. Daljit Sawhney is HACKED. So, the person who did this has sent multiple people an email for asking money. DO NOT RESPOND OR SEND ANY MONEY AS HIS ACCOUNT IS HACKED. Even EMAIL address is same because account is hacked.

New Email address of Dr. Daljit is:

Here is the FAKE email content.

Title: Painful Time…Please

How are you doing? I hope all is well with you and your family. I really hope you get this fast. My sister was diagnosed with Kidney disease in Manila, Philippines and must undergo kidney transplant in order to save her life, the news of her illness got to me as an emergency and it prompted me to quickly rush down here. Her health condition is not improving.

I would have called you but my phone keeps displaying No signal due to bad network. She’s in so much pain right now and needs Surgery ASAP. The estimate for the Transplant surgery is $11,000 USD. I have already spent approx. $8,700 cash towards her treatment so am wondering if you can assist me with a loan of $2,300 to make the necessary arrangement for the surgery to be carried out. I’ll reimburse you at my return.

I will really appreciate whatever amount you can come up with, if not all get back to me so I can send you my Western union transfer details since I cannot operate my bank account from here. Let me know if you can be of help.

Thank you,